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Rejouice is a creative collective backed by the brightest minds and biggest hearts in the digital agency and venture capital worlds.


Awards for digital innovation.

Awards for digital innovation.

  • 25
  • 11
  • 15
    CSS Design Awards
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  • 2
    Webby Nomination
  • 3
    Site Inspire

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The numbers are great. The people are even better.

We've spent an awful lot of energy designing the best possible team to design your best possible brand.

Leadership team

  • Guillaume

    Founder & CEO

  • Baptiste

    Operations Manager

  • Kylie

    Executive Producer

  • Theo

    3D Artist

  • Clement

    Creative Developer

  • Makena

    Brand Strategist

  • Clement

    Creative Director

  • Keller


  • PJ

    Brand Strategist

  • Nicolas

    Creative Developer

  • Mélanie

    Tech Marketing Specialist

  • Danielle

    New Business Director

  • Aditya

    Venture Advisor

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When we guarantee our talent’s success, we guarantee our client’s success. Together we're unstoppable.

Best conditions
At Rejouice, we focus on creating the best possible conditions for our team members to thrive creatively and professionally. It’s self-serving, really. A happy team always delivers the best work.
Noble mission
Therefore, our mission is to help others show up in the world as the best possible versions of themselves each and every day. We apply this to our own team as much as we do to our clients and investors. It’s why we are constantly reimagining and designing a community in which both talent and category-defining startups want to be a part of. We prioritize practical optimism, standard-setting excellence, rigorous curiosity, and reinforced fun. One way we enact these values is by incentivizing and rewarding expertise and performance through profit sharing. Our team plays an integral part in building the world’s most successful companies, therefore they earn a stake in their success.

Do we have high standards? You bet!

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We know you are busy, so let's get straight to it.